CET05 Alternative : Yasushi CHO Exhibition
New products of household appliances are released thick and fast. Therefore, the products which we want become old models, while we hold household appliance catalogues in hands and choose favorites and think about our purses and the occasion of the purchase. Then, in many cases, new products bring the new sense for everyday life. Although new products gradually melt into daily life and commonplace, the catalogues which we looked at for a long time remind us of happy feeling of product purchase.
Clipping, Color photocopy, Overprint
333 x 286 mm
Clipping, Color photocopy, Overprint
411 x 242 mm
Clipping, Color photocopy, Overprint
391 x 286 mm

The series of art works CUT a LOGUE which cut images from household appliance catalogues is a attempt to make art works from feeling of printed matters. From HPSV-15" to HPSV-18", screens are cut from four famous TV company catalogues, and different perspective screens of each company are overprinted by color photocopy.
White Goods (Air-conditioner) is the art work that intake slits of air-conditioners cut from product catalogues was set continuously, and is the long length art work which was spread to width of a real product and was copied. This art work rolled up is picked up on real air-conditioner installed in a room, and one end of the art work is dropped towards a floor as if a wind blows.

White Goods
Clipping, Monochrome photocopy
840 x 4000 mm
2000 - 2005
Clipping, Color photocopy
B6 size, 16 pages
CRT-based televisions of a conventional curved surface and a flat surface coexisted at the time of 1999 that was the production time of FLAT or CURVE (LCD televisions were a small number) . Therefore pages of flat outline and pages of curved outline coexist in this book work.
The thread which bound in each page lengthens long, and it makes "a bookmark" which reminds you of video cable.
CUT a LOGUE - Yasushi CHO Exhibition

Date : 1 - 10 Octorber 2005
Place : Hokari-bldg. (2F)

"CUT a LOGUE" Yasushi CHO Exhibition was carried out as a part of exhibitions / events of CET05 (Central East Tokyo 2005). Hokari-bldg. (2F) which was a vacancy estate in Kanda area was used in this exhibition. What is CET (Central East Tokyo)...It is a name of movement to rediscover the area that was a center of ex-Tokyo from the viewpoint of design / art / architecture, and it is also a name of this area.
Theme of 2005 is "ROJICUL TOKYO" ((ROJI = narrow streets in Japanese) ROJI CULtural / logical / radical Tokyo) . "ROJICUL" is a meaning of "an alley culture" and brought from concept which the logic of an alley is radical by all times.

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Hokari-Bldg. 1-10 Uchikanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
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