aka FUJI

aka FUJI - Weekend Art Utsunomiya Vol.02

Weekend Art Utsunomiya Vol.02 - Works of Yasushi CHO

aka FUJI Leaflet

Collage, Red toner photocopy
A4 size (Multiple)

aka FUJI Leaflet

Sightseeing leaflets of travel agencies and a state of the leaflet place in Japan look strange to the person who is not interested in a sightseeing tour that much, because information is included in a surplus. A workload of leaflets and a massive amount of leaflets in that place seem to make the another world. Collage of "Mt. Fuji" seen in those sightseeing leaflets becomes "aka Fuji" by copier print of a red toner.

aka FUJI 1:120,000

Collage, Sewing
297 x 210 x 40 mm

aka FUJI 1:120,000

While I cut sightseeing leaflets in shape of a contour line of Mt. Fuji and repeated it, I got the sense that climbed Mt. Fuji in a spiral. Actually though such mountain climbing is impossible, thereby I remembered, people piled soil at Mt. Fuji faith that was prosperous in the Edo era, and made Mt.Fuji-shaped mound (mini-Mt. Fuji) artificially, and were to have done simulated experience of Fuji mountain climbing. There was one more purpose of Mt.Fuji-shaped mound, it was to look at genuine Mt. Fuji from top. Same as Mt.Fuji-shaped mound, I hope that people can stare at true Mt. Fuji again by mini-Mt. Fuji at a height of 40mm above sea level.

aka FUJI Large size

Collage, Red toner photocopy
630 x 1091 mm

aka FUJI Large size
Date : 14(Sat) - 15(Sun) Oct
Rena YAMAUCHI [Faculty of Education, Utsunomiya University]
21(Sat) - 22(Sun) Oct
Yuko ARAMAKI [Movie]
28(Sat) - 29(Sun) Oct
Yasushi CHO [Collage]
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HAT (Utsunomiya)
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About Weekend Art Utsunomiya & HAT

(Excerpt from press release)
HAT - Weekend Art Utsunomiya Vol.02

<Weekend Art Utsunomiya>

There are not many places to exhibit art works and opportunities of interactions for young artists from 20's to 30's, though there is University of Arts in Utsunomiya city. Such artists and art lovers were supplementing it by doing exhibitions that used wall surfaces such as empty shops or cafes or going out to Tokyo and the outskirts area that emphasized art. However, there should be more places of exhibitions and interactions for young generation when we think about a scale of Utsunomiya city and existence of educational institutions (Utsunomiya University / Bunsei University of Art) which can turn out such talented persons.

Exhibitions in HAT will catch eye of many people because HAT has a lot of glass wall surfaces facing a city street in front of Utsunomiya station and is open space.


HAT is creation space to own a cafe like a salon in front of Utsunomiya Station who appeared in 2004. It aims at becoming a place of information transmission, interaction and an encounter for "a hometown". Various events and seminars such as a dance, gospel and a wedding are performed till now with features of a cafe space that is opened to a city street, an open deck and a pocket park space of an Ohya-stone floor.


There are a showroom and shop space of the original goods which an owner runs, and support of goods production is possible.