Ongoing vol.04 - The exhibited works of Yasushi CHO
Town page town
(South Yokohama version)
Collage, 160cm x 120cm
Town page town Chiyoda and Chuo-ku version (abbreviated name) which is the previous work inherits the character of the map showing the reduced houses on the street as ever, since only simple maps are clipped out of the advertisement of yellow page and they are connected.
In contrast, since simple maps are clipped so that advertiser's shop names, telephone numbers, etc. would be included in this work, appreciation persons don't understand anymore that their eyes are walking in the reduced street or they are walking in yellow page.
Photograph, Photocopy
150x106mm 16pages
"Lane" is the book work which aimed at exchange of the four directions and confusion of space using the photographs of the street taken by one-point perspective. It seems that the simulated space put together while getting confused appears when this book has pages opened and is stood. The structure which is not using thread and any adhesives for bookbinding helps it.
Blank map town page town
(Chiyoda,Chuo,Sumida,Koto,Edogawa-ku version)
Collage, Monochrome photocopy
A1size(nonstandard), Accordion folding, Boxed
This work is the blank map of Town page town (Chiyoda, Chuo, Sumida, Koto, Edogawa-ku version). The element printed in the same surface at the original work is separated since the lines of streets and the figures of buildings are printed in one side, and the character of the names of streets and buildings are printed in another side. Therefore, the image of the collage map can be seen by several kinds of methods. If required, the image of the original map can be obtained by seeing both sides through a light.
Also, the works made in 2004,
Town page town (Chiyoda,Chuo,Sumida,Koto,Edogawa-ku version),
JR Line, PR Line were exhibited.
Ongoing vol.04
Dates : 27 August - 4 Septenber 2005
Place : BankART Studio NYK (Naka-ku, Yokohama)
Website :
The independent plan exhibition "Ongoing vol.04" by the 25 artists born to the 1970s met together was carried out at "BankART Studio NYK" in Yokohama from August 27 till September 4, 2005.

"Ongoing" is the independent plan exhibition series started in 2001 by the members of birth in the 1970s, for the management and the exhibition which can experience the expression of the present progressive form.
Momoko ADACHI, Takahiro ANDO, Kenji ICHIKAWA, Kenji IDE, Sachiko EBA, Yasushi EBIHARA, Itaru OGAWA, Nozomu OGAWA, Fumiko ODA, Mayumi KURONUMA, Keisuke SAGIYAMA, Daisuke SAMEJIMA, Kouhei SUMI, Takumi TANJI, Yasushi CHO, Aya TSUBOI, Kidai NAKANO, Rieko NAGI, Hisashi NARITA, Yoshinori NIWA, Tetsushi HIGASHINO, Asata MATSUMURA, Takashi YAMAZAKI, Atsushi YAMAMOTO, Masanori WADA, Ako KAWAZAWA, Takashi SAKAI, jet's boys jet one, Tomoko TANUMA, Yuji DOI, Hiromi MIZUNO
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